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Dr. Grace

As one of the few primary health care providers using the most advanced, objective, and effective whole-body alternative techniques, Dr. Grace is truly unique in her field of integrative care. She is a licensed and board-certified doctor of chiropractic, and is an expert at diagnosing and treating various degrees of musculoskeletal, neurological and organic disorders. As a former Olympic-level Rhythmic Gymnast, and World-Champion Water Skier, she has intimate knowledge of how the body can function at its best, and thus knows how to teach others to achieve their personal potential.

Dr. Grace received her Bachelor's degree in psychology, and minor in biology, from the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. She then worked in the Department of Surgery at the U of M doing cancer research in immunology, and continued her education in San Jose, California at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, for her doctor of chiropractic degree. Recently, she has become a member of the Clinical Society for Advanced Laser Therapy, and has also become a Board Qualified Clinical Thermographer from the American Medical Infrared Academy.

Dr. Grace has lectured nationally to allopathic and alternative health care practitioners, and body-workers alike, including the Via-Christi Burn Center, Erchonia Medical and Pro Sport Chiropractic Organizations, and symposiums by the American Massage Therapy Association. Now, through her exclusive company Doc Next Door, and The Gersh Agency in Beverly Hills, she has been heard on media outlets such as Entrepreneur Magazine Radio, and Malibu Magazine, in order to bring access to people, through sound science and clinical experience, on the effectiveness of alternative care and integrative medicine.

Dr. Grace is adamant about providing her high-profile clients with specific elite, confidential, and individualized care, which includes the following on-site modern health solutions:

  • Advanced Cellular Detoxification
  • Applied Nutrition with Accelerated (and healthy) Weight Control
  • Advanced Chiropractic Care
  • Accelerated Healing of Acute and Chronic Injuries, Including Concussion and Scar Tissue
  • High-Tech Therapeutic Devices
  • Anti-Aging Strategies

In this new age of health care, drugless, non-surgical options to optimal health are now the standard, rather than the exception. Dr. Grace’s experience has produced results that show a 50% - 75% improvement in most of her client’s conditions, and healing processes, within three days, and 80% - 90% within 2-3 weeks. Whether looking for proactive or reactive care, Dr. Grace has the resources to help anyone achieve their personal health potential.

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