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Finance Your Procedure


Health care payment options on your terms
CareCredit gives you the freedom to get your procedure whenever youíre ready. Itís easy to apply. With three simple steps, including an instant approval process, you can say goodbye to the waiting time and reward yourself sooner.

Visa Healthcare

Increase participation and help improve your bottom line
Visa Healthcare cards can encourage increased employee participation and satisfaction in healthcare programs while helping to reduce administrative expenses. With Visa Healthcare cards, account holders enjoy fast, convenient access to funds. Tax-advantaged healthcare programs, such as the ones highlighted in this section, offer attractive tax savings for both employers and employees.


Looking for flexible spending power and worldwide acceptance
Credit cards deliver the financial freedom and convenience that today's diverse priorities and lifestyles require. When used the right way, they offer exceptional benefits, rewards, services and spending power that can help make financial and personal dreams come true.

American Express

The benefits of a card and the rewards of membership
American Express offers an extraordinary selection of rewards and premium partners so you can choose a card that's right for your life. Open doors to exclusive events and unique experiences that only American Express can offer. Experience unprecedented suuport and personalized assistance from the most trusted name in customer service.


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